Occupational Therapy

OccupationalOccupational therapy helps people learn or regain both physical and cognitive abilities to carry out activities of daily living, such as eating and dressing. These services can be especially valuable to persons recovering from stroke or a serious injury and for those suffering from disorders like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Our therapists work with each patient on a one-on-one basis to help maximize skills and abilities. Often, these services can be the difference that enables patients to live independently at home. Occupational therapy services, made available through Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy, help patients with a new disability (or long-diagnosed disability) gain independence and live healthier, safer lives in their homes and communities.

Who needs outpatient occupational therapy?

Patients who have suffered physical or neurological damage – and are able to get transportation and participate in outpatient treatment – may be candidates for outpatient occupational therapy. Learn more below about some of the specific conditions outpatient occupational therapy can address.

What can occupational therapy treat?

Occupational therapists at Davis Hospital and Medical Center may work with patients to:

Build upper body strength and range of motion
Develop skills for re-entering family, work, and school communities
Increase safety awareness and safety of the home
Implement household skills (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
Improve endurance
Improve hand-eye coordination
Relearn daily routines: bathing, dressing, etc.
Restore gross motor skills
Restore sensation
Return to work or school
Occupational therapists can also help families, teachers, and employers learn how to interact with and support the patient.

What are the goals of occupational therapy?

While the specific goals of occupational therapy vary from patient to patient, the ultimate goal is the same: Enable the patient to participate in the normal activities of daily life.

Is occupational therapy right for me?

If you or a loved one has suffered a physical or neurological injury (such as a stroke or other brain injury), then you may wish to consider occupational therapy. Occupational therapists in Layton, Roy, Syracuse, and Farmington can help you or your loved one regain old skills and develop new methods for completing daily tasks. If you’re not sure whether occupational therapy is right for you or your loved one, talk to your primary care provider.

Schedule Your Occupational Therapy: Layton, Syracuse, Farmington & Roy

Do you think you might benefit by working with an occupational therapist? Interested in learning more about our services at Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy? If so, call 801-825-8091. Most insurance plans do include occupational therapy benefits.

Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy is located in the Wasatch Peak Medical Plaza on the campus of Davis Hospital and Medical Center. Visit us on the south side of the hospital’s main entrance on the first floor in Suite 100. Other locations are in Syracuse, Farmington, and Roy.


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