Below are some of the more frequently asked questions, if your question is not on the list or needs further clarification, please call 801-825-8091.
Q: Do I need to see my doctor before I come to therapy?

A: If you would like us to bill your health plan for your therapy you will need to obtain a referral or prescription from your doctor, which you should bring with you to your first visit. Our therapists will communicate with your doctor and keep them informed of your progress made at therapy.

Q: How much will therapy cost?

A: Most insurance plans will pay for therapy, however, depending upon your health plan your co-payments and deductible may apply to this service. Please contact 801-825-8091 for more detailed information.

Q: I don’t have insurance, what will therapy cost?

A: We are happy to make arrangement plans with patients with no insurance. Please contact 801-825-8091 to discuss specific options.

Q: How many times will I need to come?

A: A plan of care will be outlined for your condition on your first visit after which, you and your therapist together will determine the appropriate number of visits. We can work within your time commitments and your specific needs.

Q: What if I can’t find your therapist’s name in my insurance provider manual?

A: Since we bill as “Davis Hospital and Medical Center”, your insurance company may not list our therapists individually. However, if Davis Hospital is listed in your manual as a preferred provider on your health plan then all of our therapists are preferred providers as well.

Q: What is the difference between a Prescription for therapy and a Referral for therapy?

A: Both are orders/instructions from a physician to our therapist explaining what treatment is required for your recovery. Some insurance companies require a formal referral, or a communication between the Dr. and your insurance company. Most insurance companies require we show “medical necessity” in order to cover therapy. The way they determine medical necessity is by the written orders, or prescription, from your physician.

Q: My insurance company requires pre-authorization for physical therapy. How do I do that?

A: This is a service our office provides for you for any insurance company except TriWest TriCare. This company requires that the physicians office request the initial authorization. Our staff will work together to authorize your therapy and keep you informed so you will receive optimal insurance coverage according to your health care benefits.

Q: How long will my therapy sessions last?

A: Your first visit can last between 60 and 90 minutes. Subsequent visits are approximately 60 minutes. However, we can work within your time frames to meet your needs.

Q: What should I wear?

A: You should wear clothing that you are comfortable exercising in. If you are a knee patient please be sure to wear clothing where we can access your knee. For your convenience, we have a locker room and shower facility.

Q: What will the therapists do at my appointment?

A: There are several different options with therapy, however, your therapists will discuss treatment options and together you will come up with a plan of care. We will only do what you are comfortable with.

Q: What are your office hours?

A: We staff therapists from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. Call the location for the specific times.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Appointments are required for therapy. However, we can typically schedule you for your evaluation within 24-48 hours.