Cardiac Rehab

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehab is a program that helps you recover after a heart attack, heart surgery or other cardiac (heart) procedures. Your physician may also refer you for a Cardiac Rehab with a diagnosis of heart failure or heart disease.

The Cardiac Rehab Program at Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy at Davis Hospital is designed to help you reach and maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible. The Cardiac Rehab Team will help you by providing support, education, and exercise guidance so that you may obtain your optimal level of health.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehab

Experiencing the effects of heart disease can be the beginning of a new, healthier lifestyle. Cardiac rehabilitation helps you in two ways. First, it helps your heart recover through physical activity and exercise. Second, it provides you with information about lifestyle changes that can result in a healthier heart.Treadmill

Heart disease can affect your whole life. Most patients learn new ways to manage their health and face the future with renewed confidence. With time,

Cardiac Rehab provides support as you adjust to all the changes your diagnosis brings to your life. You will be in a positive atmosphere where everyone is working to improve their health. You will work with cardiac rehab therapists who are trained to help people face the challenges of heart disease.

The benefits of attending and participating in Cardiac Rehab include:

• You will receive specific guidance and education from trained staff members. This guidance will depend on your personal needs.

• Your exercise routine will be specific for you and monitored at every step.

• You will be able to attend various lectures that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. (The lectures include how to eat a healthy diet, how to maintain a healthy exercise routine as well as other lifestyle choices.)

• You may obtain specific health benefits such as weight loss, strength training, how to lower your risk of future heart problems and building a feeling of wellbeing and confidence.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an inpatient and outpatient service offered by Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy at Davis Hospital. Cardiac Rehabilitation is at the direction of your physician. Cardiac Rehab Sessions are held three days per week, and you will work up to a goal of approximately 50 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Depending on your particular case and coverage, you will be in the program an average of six weeks.

Phase II, cardiac rehab program, begins in the outpatient setting, and through exercise and education, you will discover how this program can continue for the rest of your life.

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